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Creating a corporate visual identity

First of all, it is necessary for me to understand your goals, services and possibly an idea of the company’s attitude. In practice, it works by designing an identity that will follow your business after handing over the logo.


Job assignment and price offer

In the first step, we will clarify what you really need and what you have an idea. After passing on the information, I will send you a price offer and my recommendation.


Creating a custom brand visual identity

I will process the graphics for you and send a proposal for approval. I will present the new visual style on business cards, web, car, shop window … wherever you need it. The logo is also part of the visual identity.


Visual style delivery

The transfer can be a PDF with a graphic design of the visual identity of the brand in various places, see the previous step. After an agreement, I will process the required printed matter or website for you.

Your brand must be presented on the web

I offer comprehensive website creation on the WordPress platform, where you can manage all the content of the website yourself. The web is a good marketer who sells your brand effectively.


You can find some of my work in my Behance portfolio.