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The process of creating a website

First of all, it is necessary for me to understand your goals, according to which we will design the structure of the website together. After approving the wire model, I will design a modern web design for you. After launching the website, I can do a comprehensive audit for you and analyze how the website is performing in search engines.


Job assignment and price offer

In the first step, we will clarify what you really need and what you have an idea. After passing on the information, I will send you a price offer and the scope of work.



The path to a good website begins with a wire model, on which we will clarify the structure, control and navigation of the website. This step also includes defining the main goal of the site.


Creation of webdesign

I will create an aesthetically pleasing and functional web design following the wire model. If you have a visual brand identity, I would like to incorporate it into web design.


I'll build a website

I will start building the finished web design on the WordPress platform. The sharp website is preceded by a so-called functional website demonstration, which will run on a subdomain. After tuning the details and filling the site with content, we will launch the site together.


Fulfillment, administration and maintenance of the website

It does not end with the launch of the website, the website must be filled with quality content. Other important aspects are web measurement, updating and analysis of results.

The website should represent your brand

I will create a representative logo and a visual brand identity for you.


You can find some of my work in my Behance portfolio.