Ludec design

I am Ludek
Graphic and web designer

I love minimalist design. I have been interested in web technologies and graphics since primary school.

What can I do?

I deal with the creation of corporate brand identities and their subsequent visibility through websites. Websites not only look good but also meet goals, are functional and fully responsive.

  • I follow current trends in graphic design and web technologies.
  • I have extensive experience with website creation and visual style, supported by practice under graphic design.
  • I work with the Adobe package on a daily basis. XD - wireframes and webdesign, Illustrator - logotypes and visual styles, Photoshop - retouching and visualization, After Effects - SVG animation
Tvorba loga na míru - ikona

Custom logotype

Custom logotype creation. The result will be a complete logopackage and logomanual.

Tvorba firemní identity na míru - ikona


With a corporate identity, you will be memorable and you can build a brand.

Tvorba webu na míru - ikona

Website or e-shop

Comprehensive creation of custom web presentations and online stores.

How did I start?

I started with websites and graphics in elementary school. I created the first website in 8th grade, it was a tabular HTML website with a few subpages, on which I shared photos and MP3 songs for friends.

High school wasn’t perfect because I chose a field that absolutely doesn’t fit into what I’m doing today. I learned what I can gradually after school and later after working in engineering. I used to work as a design engineer. When I was more confident in what I was doing and had my first orders behind me, I tried my luck and completely changed my field of employment to graphic and web design. I underlined my experience in the graphic studio, where I learned a lot.

It always drew me to do business and that’s why I started making graphics and websites for myself.

What do I do offline?

I love travel, fitness and surfing. Abroad, you can usually find me anywhere under a palm tree. I usually share everything on my Instagram @_ludec_